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3/16/2011 1:19 PM 

I think the Guardian's special 36-page issue was more thoughtful and interesting than I could possibly blog (since I'm still pretty burned out in information overload):

As with many handouts during the event, I just chucked their publication into my bag, and sorted it out when I got home, along with Rackspace's cool flipbook & countless promo cards and toys.  The recap helped me process the event for myself, keeping the cool and wry cultural tone of the conference. To my amazement, I read every word.  "The Internet is Over" is a great recap, and Ian Katz’s interview with Andy Carvin highlighted one of the most poignant aspects of the conference; the confluence of the new technologies and current worldwide events.

Well, that said, I guess I should make some overall comments, so here they are:

1) The world is moving fast, and we can be a part of it, even from our little spot on earth through the amazing web of electronic and personal connections -- I was buffeted between LIVE via Twitter from the Middle East! -- to fundraising online by green mohawked Japanese musicians supporting the devastation in their homeland as well as lots of "green" appeals at the trade show -- to being scared silly by spooky surveillance techniques chronicled by Evgeny Morozov, who wrote "The Dark Side of Internet Freedom: The Net Delusion"). 

2) If they ever post them on , be sure to check out the energy level (and of course the content) of following presenters (aside from those mentioned in Renee & my prior entries): Blake Mycoskie, Reid Hoffman, Gary Vaynerchuk, and IF YOU DARE, Bruce Sterling.  I'm hoping other sessions will be provided as podcasts soon, and if you like, I can refer you to specific sessions I liked, in addition to "Sentiment Analysis & Social Media" and "Social Ranking: Finding Interesting User-Generated Content", "Analytics and Social Tools in Practice" and "Online Reputation in [and across] Context[s]"

3) MR & Social Media metrics need to get together and work out best practices as we move into web 3.0

4) Everyone should go to SXSW next year, we should plan a meetup, grow our brains and build a better world exponentially together.

Finally, thank you iTracks for the opportunity to feel what it's like, for a brief moment in time, to fly in the center of the universe.

Peace! Susan


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Love your blog, wow, information is coming at me so fast, as a human, I can not compute it all. It's amazing.

By Kym Benson Lifshutz on   3/21/2011 3:31 AM

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