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Written by: TheresaSorenson
2/16/2011 2:33 PM 

Greenbook Market Research blog shared a sneak peak at the results of GreenBook Research Industry Trends Fall/Winter Report.  Research professional that participated in the  were asked “to list the market research firms that first come to mind when they think of innovative market research companies”.  Leonard Murphy in his blog post states “these firms are doing the best job in branding themselves as innovative research companies globally.” 

Itracks made#8 of the top 10 companies most often mentioned as being considered innovative amongst research professionals.

Itracks is committed to providing their customers with insights for growth via its innovative suite of online applications and insight analysis and thank you to everyone who participated in the study and mentioned Itracks.




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Re: Itracks = Innovative

Was honored to be listed as well and see we're in such great company.

Certainly an interesting mix of firms.

By Tom H. C. Anderson on   2/17/2011 7:56 AM

Re: Itracks = Innovative

Congratulations Anderson Analytics! It is an interesting mix of companies and as you said, we are in great company on that list.

By TheresaSorenson on   2/17/2011 8:11 AM

Re: Itracks = Innovative

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Re: Itracks = Innovative

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Re: Itracks = Innovative

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Re: Itracks = Innovative

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Re: Itracks = Innovative

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Re: Itracks = Innovative

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Re: Itracks = Innovative

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