Jun 29

Written by: Derek.Sawchuk
6/29/2010 9:28 AM 

Well there ‘s all kinds of buzz today, thanks to @LongoMR, about online communities used for market research. The message, let’s stop using the term MROC.

I see this as an excellent opportunity for the market research community to take action and officially put a name to this product. MROC was a good transition name for online communities and clearly differentiated the marketing from the market research, but somehow this acronym just doesn’t feel right. There seems to be a lot of momentum behind Insight Communities, coined by Diane Hessan (@CommunispaceCEO), a term that I now use exclusively.

So, what can we do to move away from MROC and towards Insight Comunities? Here are a couple of ideas:

     1. Let’s start using the twitter hashtag #IC
     2. Find and replace MROC with Insight Communities in marketing materials
     3. Correct clients and start using the new terminology 

This is just a start, please add your comments here and I will aggregate and publish them in a follow-up post. Also, Dianne please chime in and give us your take on the term Insight Communities.


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Re: Let’s move away from MROC and towards Insight

I agree (surprise!). By the way, I don't think this means that we all have to adopt "Insight Communities" as our brand, or our language, but we need a generic name for what we do. I am hoping we now have something that doesn't sound like The Flintstones. :)

By Diane Hessan on   6/29/2010 11:14 AM

Re: Let’s move away from MROC and towards Insight

Hi Derek,

I don't know if I'm opposed to the idea, per se, but I'm not feeling it yet, either. As I mentioned earlier under the #ic hashtag on twitter, I'm a bit concerned about there being more confusion about the difference between MROCs/ICs and online panels - I don't know if you or anyone else has run into that issue, but I have.

Also, I think the word "online" should still be included in the name, because being online is what makes MROCs/ICs what they are, otherwise we could be referring to a great many things when saying "Insight Communities". For example, wouldn't Advisory Panels also be considered "Insight Communities"? Forums, bloggers, SIGs, etc....all could be considered "Insight Communities", I would think. Without the word "online", I think it may be harder to help the public, and clients, differentiate?

Sorry to be the only person, so far, to not be jumping on board. Like I also said on Twitter, I can see how outnumbered I am and I'm not specifically rallying against the idea, either. I am just envisioning the conversations with my clients, or potential clients, and it just makes me want us, as our own community, to make sure we are being as clear as we possibly can.

Thanks for the chance to share my thoughts!
-Michelle Finzel
Maryland Marketing Source.

By Michelle Finzel on   6/29/2010 12:22 PM

Re: Let’s move away from MROC and towards Insight

I agree Diane, Insight Community is a better descriptor than the term MROC. It will give clients a good idea of what these type of communities are capable of producing for them.

By Jim Longo on   6/29/2010 12:28 PM

Re: Let’s move away from MROC and towards Insight

@Michelle thank you, I see where you’re coming from. It’s difficult to strike a balance between being descriptive and choosing a concise name.
@Diane I appreciate your comments.

By Derek.Sawchuk on   6/29/2010 12:34 PM

Re: Let’s move away from MROC and towards Insight

Definitely for using the term Insight Community. It's gives a much better idea of what these communities are (to the uninitiated) than the term 'MROC'. MROC always sounded like something from the dark ages.

By Deborah Gemmell on   6/29/2010 3:28 PM

Re: Let’s move away from MROC and towards Insight

Here is my view from an academic perspective:

I think the conceptualisation on the term should be closely aligned to what you want to achieve. Let's call it ABC for the moment.

Is ABC a process?
Is ABC a group of people?
Is ABC an intervention to a current process?
Is ABC a result of a process?

There above should help you conceptualise a term you want to use. Based on the comments above, it seems to me that ABC is a group of people i.e. Insight Communities - a group of people on internet that contributes knowledge. The question is, why call it insights communities when you can call it simply online communities?

My feeling is, you want to somehow include the "results" of a process into the term, just like "Consumer Insights". Then a simple solution is to just reverse the wording to "Community Insights" to reflect on the findings you get from online communities. If you would like to be more specific, you can always call it Online Community Insights (too long!).

Jasper Lim
Twitter @merlien

By Jasper Lim on   6/29/2010 4:07 PM

Re: Let’s move away from MROC and towards Insight


That's so funny, because I was also thinking of suggesting calling it "Online Insight Communities" just to include the word "online" which I think is very important. I had refrained from making the suggestion because, like you, I figured people would think it too long. But is it, really? Whichever order is best: IC or CI, I truly believe an O needs to be in there, too, for complete clarity.

We use descriptive words like "online", "web", "Internet", "webcam", etc. in order to differentiate between the other methodologies that can take place both on and offline - why should we do different with the online communities? I believe they, too, can take place on and offline as well.

I can say that once this change does "officially" occur, I'll most likely describe them with the word "online" anyway. Capitalized or not, the word "online" is a huge factor in how these communities function, what makes them possible, and what helps differentiate them from other methods. Simply put, I think it matters.


By Michelle Finzel on   6/30/2010 4:38 AM

Re: Let’s move away from MROC and towards Insight

If Diane coined it, and they are clearly the leader in this space, then why not keep it as "MROC"?

I don't have a problem with the acronym, possibly just the scope of the definition.

Nothing that can't be solved by a lot of process analysis and documentation I suppose ;)

By Tom H. C. Anderson on   7/1/2010 9:40 AM

Re: Let’s move away from MROC and towards Insight

Tom, Brad Bortner of Forrester coined it a few years ago: industry analysts -- another elite the Internet subverts! ;-)

Diane coined "Insight Communities", which I'm cool with using for small, private, closed communities -- since that is the methodology Communispace champions. But that's not how Diane means it -- for her, it is a synonym for MROC. She hates MROC -- makes her think of Bedrock.

By Jeffrey Henning on   7/1/2010 11:54 AM

Re: Let’s move away from MROC and towards Insight

Unfortunately, the phrase, "Community Insights" is already in used and trademarked.

By Joe Getz on   7/1/2010 4:55 PM

Re: Let’s move away from MROC and towards Insight

Hi Derek, thank you so much for pushing this discussion. I know that @LongoMR doesn't like the term MROC. So do I. We discussed this at Qrweb in Berlin (btw @LongoMR was a great time! won't forget "zwiebelfisch" and "granini" ;-)

We at HYVE try to integrate in our "tool naming" not only the description but also the purpose. Our Netnography offering we named NetnographyInsights and our Online Bulletin Boards are called InsightBoard, so I also prefer "Innovation Community" before "Market Reseach Online Community". Btw when arguing that including "online" in "Inisght Online Community" or "Online Insight Community" would be too long we can see that it is still 1 word or 5 letters shorter than "Market Reseach Online Community" ;-) But apart from that I don't prefer including "online" even though I totally agree with Michelle that online is a huge factor in how these communities function and what makes them possible. But for me and I think for many other marketers and researchers the term community used in the market research context is closely related with online!

For me the question is wheter to "replace" the term "Market Research" with "Insight". To answer this question I think four aspects should be considered:
1. What's your message?
I think jasper made a good point in first thinking about what the term/concept should describe.
Is ABC a process?
Is ABC a group of people?
Is ABC an intervention to a current process?
Is ABC a result of a process?
2. What's the meaning? a+b=c!?
So let's have a look at the definitions and meaning of the words "community", "market research" and "insight"
a) Community
b) Market Research
c) Insight
3. What's the scope?
As @JHenning describes in his post "Online Research Communities by Type" it should be clear that there is not THE "Market Reseach Online Community" or "Insight Community". Like jeff wrote there are different types of "research communities" that differ in terms of "openess & exclusiveness" and "duration". Besides that of course they also vary regarding:
> activites (and functionalities)
> purpose
> interaction
> output
> ...
But these are not nominal nor exclusive sclaes/measures/dimensions. When setting up a "research community" it's a matter of "weighting" the different aspects/dimensions. So a comprehensive research community morphology could be helpful. Maybe we can work on that!
4. What's your philosophy?
Last but not least it is a question of "practicability". In times of rss, seo and monitoring "uniqueness" and "exclusiveness" of terms and related hashtags #ic vs. #mroc vs. #ioc vs. #oic should be considered as well.
At the end of the day it's a question of perspective, background and what one/we want to emphasize as well as a trade off between philosophy and practcability. Looking forward to the further discussion and consens building process.

Best regards,
Steffen (@netnoblography)

By Steffen Hück (@netnoblography on   7/2/2010 1:56 AM

Re: Let’s move away from MROC and towards Insight

I try not to get too caught up on the categorisation and semantics of it all.

I think I may start calling mine idea spaces, think boxes, online insight villages, insight hives or online knowing festivals....

By Rich Shaw on   7/2/2010 6:40 AM


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Re: Let’s move away from MROC and towards Insight

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become possible. Below is an infographic created by Seungho Yang showing how the greenhouse effect warms up the Earth¡¯s temperature: Looking for someone who hasn¡¯t
heard about global warming is next to impossible. It is, after all, the most talked about topic for many years. You¡¯re sure to come across it, whether it is during a
political debate or a discussion in the classroom. In fact, many businesses have begun using it in their marketing campaigns to highlight the positive qualities of
their products or services. One thing you¡¯ve probably noticed when you hear or read about global warming is that it is always negative. Scientists and environmentalists
blamed global warming for the drastic climate change we¡¯ve seen in the recent years. Global warming has also been seen as one of the major factors why there is an
alarming rise in the number of endangered plants and animals all over the world. While global warming is one of the reasons why we¡¯re experiencing severe climate
changes today, the truth is that it¡¯s not entirely a bad thing. In fact, at one point in time, global warming was actually the best thing that ever happened on earth.
IN SUMMARY; do not be fooled by Article Base or any other article publishing directory; THEY ARE NOTHING BUT SCAMS! Do yourself a favor if you have good content that
others may find helpful, publish them on your site, do NOT share. If Google Adsense denies you revenue while placing their crappy ads on your content that has been
plagiarized, boycott those adverting and write them that their ads are being placed on plagiarized content and if they continue you will cite this in public view on
your website. Also directly sell Adverts on your website (there are brokers who will do this for you too). The bottom line is you will not improve your SEO (search
engine optimization) position on Google, Bing, etc with Article Base, so save yourself the time and many, many futures headaches and do NO waste your time with these
people who are only there to TAKE from you with nothing in return Up until the end of 2013, the majority of ECS¡¯s journal publication activities were funded through
subscriptions. Moving toward OA requires a change to the way we finance these activities. The challenge for us as a nonprofit society publisher is how to put the best
OA business model in place for the future, which allows us to sustain excellence throughout our journals, while enabling Open Access. Our long-term goal is to move away
from the subscriptions model entirely.We need to fundamentally change the way we finance our work, and while we relish the challenge, we are choosing to tread
cautiously to make sure we get it right and can provide a sustainable solution for the future. As a first step, ECS is embarking on its OA journey with a mixed funding
model for enabling Open Access, currently including Article Processing Charges and subscriptions. Author Choice Open Access is now an option within our current
subscriptions-based business model. Authors who wish to make their published article immediately Open Access will need to either pay an Article Processing Charge or use
an Article Credit in place of payment. All four of our peer-reviewed journals will offer Author Choice Open Access. If an author does not wish to make their article
Open Access then there is no change to the way the article is accessed by others, and no Article Processing Charge will be applied.Our journals, quality standards,
review and editorial processes will otherwise continue exactly as they are now. If the authors choose a CC BY-NC-ND license (non-commercial, no derivatives), ECS¡¯s Open
Access Publishing Agreement asks that ECS be granted rights that they have always had in the traditional publishing model: others may not use the work for commercial
purposes without getting permission from ECS, but the author grants to ECS the exclusive right to use the work for commercial purposes and to sublicense it to others.
Any revenue generated by ECS will help recoup the cost of its Open Access publication activities: currently ECS is not passing on the full costs of publication to the
authors and hope to be able to keep article processing charges at a moderate level. This policy will be reviewed at the end of 2014.

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