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Written by: Derek.Sawchuk
6/21/2010 11:30 AM 


Next Gen Market Research (NGMR) - The networking group for market research innovators - is hosting the industry’s first Internet “meme” competition! (and you can win $1000 bucks)

As a marketer I was very excited to see this from NGMR and thought that it would be great to have some representation from GOMC members. Below is an excerpt from Tom Anderson’s Blog explaining the contest rules and above is one of my meme attempts. You’re laughing with me not at me right?


  1. Pick a topic: Make sure it’s something that you’re passionate about, and which is directly relevant to market research. Maybe it’s online panel quality? Call centers? Mobile surveys? Co-creation? Communities? Respondent cooperation? DIY? Commoditization? Procurement? Client-supplier relations? Qual v. Quant? Text Analytics? Whatever you like… My current personal favorites are text analytics, social media research, offshoring and ISO standards. (Sorry, but no favoritism will be shown nor extra points awarded for covering these topics, although you’ll earn a special place in my heart.)
  2. Create a meme: Make a video; write a song; design a graphic, slogan or logo; develop a clever viral campaign… The only limitation is your creativity. (For a simple example, I recently appropriated the Star Wars “Obi-Wan” meme to make a point about offshoring in a recent blog post.)
  3. Upload, Submit & Spread: email your execution along with a brief explanation to ( meme [@] nextgenmr. com). We’ll review the content to make sure it’s appropriate (see rules below), and pending approval, it will be posted on NGMR. Regular updates on new submissions will be sent to NGMR members, but we expect you to help spread your meme around, too. Put it out there! The more hits, eyeballs and places it shows up, the better your chances to win.
  4. Judging & Deadlines: Submissions will be accepted through May 2011, after which point NGMR members will determine the winner in an online poll.
  5. The Spoils: The winning meme will be showcased on the NGMR site. The winner will also be awarded a $1000 gift certificate, and will be featured in a special blog interview to elaborate on their meme topic.

Remember to include in your entry that you’re a GOMC member.  


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Re: 1st NGMR Internet Meme Contest

Check out some of the first entries:

By Derek.Sawchuk on   6/23/2010 6:27 AM

Re: 1st NGMR Internet Meme Contest

By ryan on   8/10/2011 7:59 PM

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Re: 1st NGMR Internet Meme Contest

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Re: 1st NGMR Internet Meme Contest

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Re: 1st NGMR Internet Meme Contest

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Re: 1st NGMR Internet Meme Contest

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Re: 1st NGMR Internet Meme Contest

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Re: 1st NGMR Internet Meme Contest

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it¡¯s extremely unstable. But while that may be the case, it is among the most potent, dealing effects 150 times more than those observed with CO2. Trifluoromethane is
another man-made greenhouse gas. Also called fluoroform (CHF3), it is used for etching and manufacturing silicon computer chips. It¡¯s also used as one of the
ingredients in commercial fire hydrants. Just like CFCs, the effects of this greenhouse gas are massive. One molecule of trifluoromethane can trap 11,700 times as much
heat as a CO2 molecule. And with its lifespan lasting for about 260 years, its effect will be felt for a very, very long time. This next greenhouse gas is used to
manufacture semiconductors. It¡¯s also used along with trifluoromethane in refrigerants. Because it¡¯s so stable, it can stay up in the atmosphere for a very long time.
Scientists have estimated that hexafluoroethane has a lifetime range between 500 and 10,000 years. That¡¯s why, next to water vapour, hexafluoroethane is the most
problematic of the greenhouse gases currently present in the Earth¡¯s atmosphere. Another man-made greenhouse gas, sulphur hexafluoride is commonly used within the
electronics industry as an insulator. Governments also use it as a tracer to detect toxic gases that may have been dispersed following a terrorist attack. Used to
fumigate termites and other household pests, sulphuryl fluoride was added by scientists from MIT into the list of greenhouse gases now present in the atmosphere. As
with the other man-made greenhouse gases, sulphuryl fluoride does not only have the capability to trap heat thousands of times more effective than carbon dioxide. It¡¯s
also very stable. The lifespan of one molecule of sulphuryl fluoride is about 40 years, causing it to deal a lot of damage to our atmosphere and our environment.
Last¡ªbut not least¡ªof the greenhouse gases is trichlorofluoromethane. Also known as CFC-11, this is commonly used as a type of refrigerant in many refrigerators and
freezers sold today. Trichlorofluoromethane is also perhaps the most lethal of all the greenhouse gases for three reasons. First, a single molecule has the ability to
trap heat coming from the sun 4,600 times more effective than a CO2 molecule. Second, it is also effective in depleting the ozone layer located on the Earth¡¯s
stratosphere. Finally, trichlorofluoromethane contains chlorine. When it eventually breaks down, the chlorine combines with water vapour and falls down back onto the
Earth¡¯s surface in the form of acid rain, causing even further damage on our environment. Another way to grow an organic vegetable garden in a very small space is
through vertical organic gardening. Certain vegetables, herbs and even fruits grow from runners and vines, which can be trained to grow upwards instead of spreading on
the ground by growing them on trellises or chicken wire so that they have something to cling on to. If you live in a house, you can train these plants to climb and grow
on a trellis by your gate or even around your doorframe. Aside from being able to maximise the space in your home to grow delicious organic fruits and vegetables, these
plants can also make your home look even more attractive. If you live in a flat, you can attach chicken wire or trellises to the walls and balcony for the plants to
grow on. Just make sure that you first get permission from the owner of the flat you¡¯re staying in before doing this, to make sure that you won¡¯t run into problems with
them later. A greenhouse is a building made of a special kind of plastic or glass. Farmers, agriculturists, and botanists use it to grow different kinds of plants,
particularly those that grow in parts of the world that have a much warmer climate. The way the greenhouse works is quite simple. The plastic or glass allows the
maximum amount of sunlight inside the greenhouse. At the same time, it traps the heat coming from the sun and the earth inside the building. This makes the temperature
inside the greenhouse warmer than outside, making it possible for these plants to grow. Global warming is often called as the greenhouse effect. That¡¯s because it
follows the same principle used in greenhouses, only in a much larger scale. The Earth¡¯s atmosphere is made up of different kinds of gases. One particular group of
gases is found in the earth¡¯s atmosphere is called greenhouse gases. These gases are responsible for trapping most of the heat coming from the sun and the earth¡¯s
surface in very much the same way that the plastic or glass does in a conventional greenhouse. This causes the temperature on Earth to become warm enough for life to
become possible. Below is an infographic created by Seungho Yang showing how the greenhouse effect warms up the Earth¡¯s temperature: Looking for someone who hasn¡¯t
heard about global warming is next to impossible. It is, after all, the most talked about topic for many years. You¡¯re sure to come across it, whether it is during a
political debate or a discussion in the classroom. In fact, many businesses have begun using it in their marketing campaigns to highlight the positive qualities of
their products or services. One thing you¡¯ve probably noticed when you hear or read about global warming is that it is always negative. Scientists and environmentalists
blamed global warming for the drastic climate change we¡¯ve seen in the recent years. Global warming has also been seen as one of the major factors why there is an
alarming rise in the number of endangered plants and animals all over the world. While global warming is one of the reasons why we¡¯re experiencing severe climate
changes today, the truth is that it¡¯s not entirely a bad thing. In fact, at one point in time, global warming was actually the best thing that ever happened on earth.
IN SUMMARY; do not be fooled by Article Base or any other article publishing directory; THEY ARE NOTHING BUT SCAMS! Do yourself a favor if you have good content that
others may find helpful, publish them on your site, do NOT share. If Google Adsense denies you revenue while placing their crappy ads on your content that has been
plagiarized, boycott those adverting and write them that their ads are being placed on plagiarized content and if they continue you will cite this in public view on
your website. Also directly sell Adverts on your website (there are brokers who will do this for you too). The bottom line is you will not improve your SEO (search
engine optimization) position on Google, Bing, etc with Article Base, so save yourself the time and many, many futures headaches and do NO waste your time with these
people who are only there to TAKE from you with nothing in return Up until the end of 2013, the majority of ECS¡¯s journal publication activities were funded through
subscriptions. Moving toward OA requires a change to the way we finance these activities. The challenge for us as a nonprofit society publisher is how to put the best
OA business model in place for the future, which allows us to sustain excellence throughout our journals, while enabling Open Access. Our long-term goal is to move away
from the subscriptions model entirely.We need to fundamentally change the way we finance our work, and while we relish the challenge, we are choosing to tread
cautiously to make sure we get it right and can provide a sustainable solution for the future. As a first step, ECS is embarking on its OA journey with a mixed funding
model for enabling Open Access, currently including Article Processing Charges and subscriptions. Author Choice Open Access is now an option within our current
subscriptions-based business model. Authors who wish to make their published article immediately Open Access will need to either pay an Article Processing Charge or use
an Article Credit in place of payment. All four of our peer-reviewed journals will offer Author Choice Open Access. If an author does not wish to make their article
Open Access then there is no change to the way the article is accessed by others, and no Article Processing Charge will be applied.Our journals, quality standards,
review and editorial processes will otherwise continue exactly as they are now. If the authors choose a CC BY-NC-ND license (non-commercial, no derivatives), ECS¡¯s Open
Access Publishing Agreement asks that ECS be granted rights that they have always had in the traditional publishing model: others may not use the work for commercial
purposes without getting permission from ECS, but the author grants to ECS the exclusive right to use the work for commercial purposes and to sublicense it to others.
Any revenue generated by ECS will help recoup the cost of its Open Access publication activities: currently ECS is not passing on the full costs of publication to the
authors and hope to be able to keep article processing charges at a moderate level. This policy will be reviewed at the end of 2014.

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